Jean Talon (1626–1694) government official

As intendant of the colonial territory of New France, Jean Talon vigorously implemented France’s new policy of colonial mercantilism.

New France

New France was the name of the French colonial empire in North America.

Compagnie de la Nouvelle France

The Compagnie de la Nouvelle France was a commercial company organized in 1627 by the government of France as a means of aggressively colonizing New France.

Jean-Baptiste Colbert (1619–1683) statesman

Jean-Baptiste Colbert was a member of the Great Council of State and the French king Louis XIV’s intendant de finance (superintendant of finance).

Samuel de Champlain (ca. 1567–1635) explorer, businessman

Samuel de Champlain was the principal founder of New France and the first European explorer of much of modern Quebec and Ontario.

Jacques Cartier (1491–1557) explorer

The French king Francis I’s (r. 1515–47) search for a seasoned mariner to lead his country’s challenge to Spain and Portugal in the recently discovered Americas brought to the forefront Jacques Cartier.